When you’re renovating an apartment or combining apartments, especially here in New York City, you need to think about more than just the walls, floors, countertops and cabinets. How will you furnish your new home? What décor and design styles would look best while making the best use of the space? At this stage of the remodeling process, many people choose to have some or all of their furnishings designed and fabricated for their apartments rather than shopping at furniture stores or online. Let’s look at 4 reasons why custom furniture can be a great addition to your apartment renovation.

1. Designed to match overall décor

When your architect coordinates with your interior designer to create custom furnishings, you can be assured that the furniture will complement the overall look and feel of your apartment perfectly. This saves a lot of time and headache over the tedious process of hunting for the “perfect piece,” which often feels more like looking for a needle in a haystack.

2. Makes the best use of space

Here in New York City, square footage is a commodity even among the most expensive apartments. How many times have homeowners purchased a piece of furniture only to discover upon delivery that it takes up too much room—or worse, won’t even fit through the door? When the furniture is designed and fabricated specifically for the space, you don’t run those risks. Not only will the furniture fit, but you can also work with your architect and designer to ensure your furniture actually helps you make the best use of the square footage.

3. Makes a statement

Your NYC apartment is unique; why shouldn’t your furniture be unique, as well? When your furniture is designed with the rest of the space in mind, your architect and interior designer can come up with creative solutions that are both functional and highly fashionable. Imagine your home filled with furnishings that are also conversation pieces. You’ll be able to entertain guests knowing your space makes a fashion statement that won’t soon be forgotten.

4. Highest quality materials and workmanship

The vast majority of furniture purchased in stores, online or through catalogs have been factory-made by machines, leading to reduced levels of quality that will cause the furniture to wear out more quickly. Custom furniture is made to order, which means your contractor will more likely use the finest materials and craft your pieces to the highest levels of quality. Custom furniture is designed to withstand the test of time, wear and tear.

KNG Construction not only specializes in renovating some of the most unique apartments in New York City, but we also work with the finest interior architects and designers to fabricate unique furnishings in-house. To learn more about adding custom furniture to your next apartment renovation, call us at (212) 595-1451.