5 Benefits of Hiring a General Contractor in New York City

5 Benefits of Hiring a General Contractor in New York City

Construction companies come in all shapes and sizes. From design to remodeling to building, the construction industry is filled with companies who offer specialized services. Then there are general contractors, who specialize in various sectors of industry and are seen to be the jack of all trades.

When it comes to construction projects, hiring a general contractor is one of the most efficient options. Unfortunately, however, some people still aren’t aware of the actual benefits of hiring a general contractor over a construction company.  


What is a general contractor?

Before we jump into why exactly a general contractor may be the answer to all your construction needs, it’s important to understand what exactly a general contractor does.

A general contractor is a working professional who offers a range of services required to finish your construction project. General contractor services include flooring, design, remodeling, construction and other similar services. General contractors would manage any subcontractors, making sure all work is completed in a professional manner, on time and within the allocated budget.

Below are five reasons why hiring a general contractor is the right move for your project.

1. General contractors have the right relationships 

A good contractor would have usually formed the right relationships with the right subcontractors. Subcontractors in NYC can be hard to find. They are usually loyal to one general contractor and may only be assigned to the projects of the utmost priority. An experienced contractor will present the right contractors and suppliers when necessary that can deliver what they promise.

KNG construction ensures the right tradesman and subcontractors in NYC are hired to ensure the project is completed the first time within the agreed upon quality, time and budget.

2. General contractors know how to manage a project

Project management is one of the most important roles when it comes to construction. An experienced general contractor will ensure that your project is seen through from start to finish. They will take responsibility for every aspect of your building and will work thoroughly to ensure solutions can be easily found should any complications arise.

3. Customers are a priority 

Great general contractors in New York know that communication is an important aspect of their role. From finding out about the scope of your project to ironing out the intricate details of materials, a good general contractor needs to be able to understand your requirements and offer solutions when necessary.

4. Time won’t be an issue

From scheduling permits to building according to the NYC code, time will always be an issue when it comes to construction. That’s where hiring a general contractor can help you. General contractors like KNG schedule inspections, secure the relevant permits and ensure your project is all constructed to NYC code.

Looking to hire a contractor in New York City? Take a look at some of our work here.

5. General contractors know where to find quality materials for good prices

Managing your own home remodel is not only a difficult task, but it can be a costly one too. An experienced general contractor has the right connections to help secure all the best deals on the materials needed to complete your project. Hiring a general contractor allows you to save considerable money and time. Most of the time they have their own suppliers where they can get all the materials and supplies needed to complete your project. You will not only get materials quicker with a general contractor than if you were to source them yourselves, but you are certain to get quality materials at a good price.

Here at KNG, we have the expertise and know-how to make sure your project gets successfully completed from start to finish. No matter your aesthetic, our team of professionals can help you get the most of your budget.  We identify and work with the right subcontractors, appoint project managers and attain a site chief.

Are you looking to remodel your home?

From brownstones to luxury lifts, our multi-disciplinary expertise gives us a unique understanding of both construction techniques and your vision. You can check out our portfolio page to find out more about the previous projects KNG has undertaken in it’s 20 years of construction. We would love to discuss your ideas and work with you on making them happen.

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