5 Modern Kitchen Design Trends For Your Home

5 Modern Kitchen Design Trends for Your Home

Kitchens are constantly changing. It is the one room in the house that responds to emerging trends faster than any other. Our kitchens are one of our most personal rooms. It’s a place where we want to give off a welcoming feeling and a warm environment. So what trends are currently in fashion when remodeling your kitchen?

This blog looks at 5 modern kitchen designs that we have welcomed and expect to see across many kitchens shortly.

Kitchen Islands

Social kitchens are nothing new. The idea of having a large kitchen island located in the middle of your kitchen is favored amongst many homeowners with a large space. Before kitchen islands, you would typically find breakfast tables. Modern kitchen islands incorporate kitchen appliances and allow for more preparation work and dining. Below is one of our favorite kitchen islands that we worked on, which features a hob, cabinets and can accommodate up to 6 guests.

KNG-construction- kitchen-island-nyc

The large kitchen island displayed was part of a large project on 200 Central Park South (Apartment Floor Combination)

Quartz and White Marble Countertops

Quartz and white marble countertops continue to grow in popularity across the United States. Granite kitchen countertops are a thing of the past, with more and more people reverting to quartz and white marble countertops.

With marble countertops, you can remove scratches and chips, while still have a full-body natural product. One particular marble KNG has used in the past and will continue to use the alluring Calcutta Gold marble.


The Calcutta Gold Marble was used in the kitchen remodel at the East 64th Street Duplex apartment.

European Cabinets

Modern kitchen designs have become increasingly popular, and one of the latest trends are European kitchen cabinets. European kitchens are famous for its low key and smart approach. With European kitchen cabinets, appliances are usually concealed behind similar panels to that of the kitchen cabinets.


European kitchen cabinets featured in 200 Central Park South (Two Apartment Combination)

Two-Tone cabinetry

Natural wood or stainless steel? White-washed or black lacquered? You don’t have to choose between two materials or colors for your new kitchen design. Expect two-tone cabinetry demand to pick up. Below is one of our favorite Two-Tone cabinetry done by KNG. The kitchens beautifully combine white lacquered cabinets with two-toned Macassar ebony wood.

KNG-construction- kitchen-two-toned-cabinetry-nyc

Two-Tone cabinetry featured in West 56th Street Penthouse

Multi-tiered kitchen drawer

Weather you have a small apartment or a large brownstone, kitchen storage will always be an issue. More and more kitchen remodels featuring cabinets designed to double up storage and save space. Custom made multi-tiered drawers similar to the one in the photo below have become more fashionable amongst homeowners looking to remodel their kitchen.

KNG-construction- kitchen-drawers-multi-tiered- nyc

The multi-tiered kitchen drawers were part of the kitchen remodel in 200 Central Park South (Apartment Floor Combination)

Are you looking to remodel your kitchen? Or perhaps you want some kitchen design ideas?

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