Creative Storage Ideas for NYC Apartments

Creative Storage Ideas for NYC Apartments

Here in New York City, where apartments are either old, small or both, finding enough storage space is always a challenge. Americans these days have more and more stuff, which is why one of the first thing homebuyers ask about is storage. Builders in other parts of the country respond to the need by building oversized walk-in closets, attics and garages, but those solutions usually are not an option in Manhattan. Here, we can’t just build storage—we have to find it and reclaim it. Fortunately, there are often creative storage solutions to help us make the most of even small spaces. If you’re buying or renovating a New York apartment, here are a few ideas for making sure you have enough storage.

Take Advantage of Nooks and Crannies

When looking at your apartment, make note of any space that isn’t being used for anything—you might be surprised at how much of it can be reclaimed to store things. For example, if you’re combining apartments on two floors with a staircase between them, the space under the stairs might be a perfect spot for some built in drawers.

Think Vertically

Don’t just think in terms of square footage—think in terms of cubic footage. Many NYC apartments have higher ceilings with lots of unused space along the overhead walls. These may be perfect spots to install built-in shelving and bookcases; in fact, it’s not uncommon here in the city to build storage all the way to the ceiling. This vertical storage may serve other uses, too; for example, a wall filled with books floor to ceiling can provide excellent soundproofing from your neighbors next door.

Create Storage inside Furniture

Think about this: Almost every place you sit in your apartment has empty space underneath it. The same goes for anywhere you sleep. Take advantage of this space whenever possible by buying furniture with hidden storage inside it. For example, couches, sectionals and beds can have drawers or space under the cushions. If you can’t find the right piece for the job, consider having one custom-built with the hidden space you need.

At KNG Construction, we work with some of the best architects and designers in New York City to create living spaces that make the best use of storage, including fabricating custom-designed built-ins and furnishings in our own workshop. To learn more, give us a call at (212) 595-1451.

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