If you’re considering purchasing an apartment or condo in New York City—especially if you’re planning to do an update or an apartment combination—your design choices will be among the most important decisions you make. When people bring up the subject of interior design trends, it often brings up a tinge of apprehension. Trends in design seem to change almost as frequently as this year’s clothing fashions. If we tried to keep up with all of them, our spaces would be in a state of perpetual “construction mode.” How do we know that what’s “in” this year will be “in” next year? And how can we afford to keep up with all of it?

Relax…First of all, while popular design trends do change from year to year, they won’t necessarily go out of style within that time. Second, there’s a difference between a fad and a trend, and a reasonably intelligent person can usually tell the difference between the two. And third—it’s more important to think in terms of what’s possible and feasible for your space, and what you’re comfortable living with, rather than what’s immediately fashionable. Let’s discuss some basic ground rules for making good interior design choices for your NYC apartment.

Match the Aesthetic to the Space

Not every design trend is going to be right for every space. Context matters, especially in older apartments and in smaller spaces. For example, a metallic industrial décor might be perfect for a reclaimed warehouse in Queens, but it probably won’t look or feel right in a classic brownstone on the Upper West Side. Vivid textures might be “in” right now, but they also might make a smaller space feel claustrophobic, where light, smooth surfaces might make it feel more open. Don’t just make design choices based on what’s popular—make them based on what the space is asking for.

Make Choices You Can Live With

Some people make the mistake of designing an apartment based on who might visit them, rather than who actually has to live there. That sleek, ultra-modern couch and chair combo might land your living room a photo shoot in House Beautiful, but if it breaks your back to sit on that couch, what good is it to you? (Hint: It probably hurts your visitors’ backs, too.) If your mind responds better to bright colors and textures, you’re liable to go a bit crazy with white-on-white and minimalist décor, no matter how trendy it is. Remember, it’s your home, you’re the one who has to live in that apartment when everyone else has gone home. Your personal aesthetic matters, too, so make sure you can live comfortably with your own design choices.

Work with an Experienced Interior Designer

One reason why good interior designers can be particularly helpful with NYC apartments is that they can be informed by what’s popular while still helping you make design choices that are right for the space, as well for your own sense of sanity. In fact, the best-designed spaces are the ones that successfully blend current trends with the needs of the space and your personal tastes. In fact, these are the things that make it home for you—not the latest copy of Architectural Digest.

At KNG Construction, we work with some of NYC’s best interior designers and architects to create some of the most welcoming, inviting spaces in all of New York. If you’re looking for help in designing your new space, we’re happy to refer them to you—and even more happy to help you build out the space. To learn more, call KNG Construction at (212) 595-1451.