200 Central Park South Remodel (Apartment Floor Combination)

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KNG was approached to remodel the unique apartment which overlooked central park on one side and 42 street Time square on the other. The large apartment took over the whole floor giving KNG a 5000 square-foot terrace radius and 5000 square-foot indoor radius to fully work with. The full project took 16 months to complete, with Bromley Caldari Architects PC taking lead role in the design of the project.

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200 Central Park South (Apartment Floor Combination)




The remodeled apartment on 200 Central Park South consisted of eight full bathroom renovations. The two particular bathrooms featured were two of the smaller bathrooms in size. The first bathroom we focused on was the brighter of the two, which made use of custom tilework. The bathroom glass tiles were installed by KNG. The bathroom’s elegant looking vanity unit was made by KNG’s millwork team. The vanity counter top is all glass. To complete the bathroom, KNG’s architectural woodworking shop fabricated the bathrooms wooden door and JAM’s.

The property owners open approach allowed us to experiment with new bathroom designs and textiles. No other bathroom was as unique than the powder room which was based on a futuristic design. The stainless steel tiles were fabricated and installed by KNG. The unique bathroom sink was uniquely built for this apartment and makes use of LED lights, adding to the bathrooms alluring visual appeal.




In addition to remodeling the bathroom, KNG continued to remodel the apartment’s bedrooms. One of the standout features of the master bedroom are the beautiful wooden panels behind the king size bed. KNG’s architectural woodshop fabricated the wooden panels. Along with the custom panels, the master bedroom is home to other millwork, including the charming custom bedside tables. KNG fabricated and installed a stylish credenza, matching the bedrooms wooden panels.

The apartment’s master bedroom also features a marvelous dropped ceiling, which helps bring out the room’s personality. KNG framed and skim coated the dropped ceilings.




The Central Park South apartment kitchen was completely renovated. The modern kitchen features a fabricated glass counter top.

In the kitchen, there was a lot of focus placed on the built-in cabinets and drawers. They have been designed and fabricated by KNG’s architectural woodwork shop, with the primary attribute consisting on wasting no space. The unique kitchen cabinets accommodate a drawer within a drawer, maxing full use of the kitchen’s area. The kitchen cabinets were fabricated and installed by KNG construction.


“The Den,” Custom millwork


This massive project gave KNG the opportunity to express ourselves with elegant custom millwork. No room is more decorated and polished than the apartment’s study, also known as The Den, which took six weeks to complete. The wooden panels across the room were fabricated and installed by KNG’s architectural woodwork shop. The material used throughout The Den is Rosewood, a rich tinder which presents a shiny and silky smooth texture, perfect for the stylish room.

The stylish room also features a custom built in murphy bed, hidden in the rooms custom paneling. The bed is hinged against the wall on the right and can be brought down whenever needed. On the left of the room, the custom built cabinet has been designed and fabricated to smoothly open through a sliding door.

KNG construction carried out a full floor installation across the whole apartment. Herringbone Mahogany was used throughout the 5000 sq apartment.


Dining Room, Custom Furniture Pieces


The apartment living/dining room boasts two custom built furniture pieces fabricated by KNG’s architectural woodworking shop. The first being the large buffet table that separates the dining room and the living room. The well-crafted buffet table was fabricated to complement the rest of the dining room as well as act as an appropriate divider between the two rooms. Another custom built furniture piece in the dining room is the radiator cover, which sits just under the large glass windows.

The large wooden bookcase/art display was fabricated and installed by KNG architectural woodworking shop. The large custom furniture piece has a secret doorway entrance hidden in the furniture piece.


Lounge, Bar and Media Room


The apartment features it’s own bar, with plenty of space in the surrounding area, including a generous sized lounge and media room. KNG construction plastered the curved walls and applied a level five skim coat finish.

The backdrop of the bar features beautiful Australian Lacewood in the form of wall panels. All the paneling was done in-house by KNG. The bar itself features a custom glass top with a patina finish. The curved panels was built in-house by KNG’s architectural woodworking shop. Between the paneling and the ceiling, an acute yet distinctive reveal was fabricated. Mahogany wood herringbone floor board were used throughout the lounge, bar and media room, as well as across the whole apartment.

There are two iconic art installations in the apartment which uniquely add a touch of color and charisma to the interior. Between the lounge and the bar, there is a beautiful art pillar which was previously a gas pipe. KNG converted the gas pipe into a fascinating art decoration. Visible in the hallway is an enduring time lapse art installation of the surrounding New York City areas.

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