200 Central Park South (One Bedroom)

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In the apartments 800 Sq Ft, KNG carried out a full apartment remodeling, which included large 3D lacquered paneling, tilework and luxurious polished doors.

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200 Central Park South


Central Park South Residential Renovation


KNG were approached to manage a complete renovation of the Central Park South property. A full gut renovation was carried out giving us the apartments full 800sq ft to work with. KNG remodeled the residence with all interior work, windows, plumbing and heating systems, removed and replaced leaving the apartment in its shell form.


KNG’s director, Mark Azzopardi, expresses that uncovering a property to its shell form when necessary is a top priority. “In remodeling, nothing comes close to working in a new space, that has to be gutted precisely for your project.”


New York City skyline and Central Park South views


Once the apartments new floor plan was agreed, KNG started with the layout and shop drawings of all furniture and millwork. One of the client’s primary requirements was that they wanted a full view of Central Park. The property already had large panoramic like windows which gave the residence a defined view of Central Park South. All the mirrors in the apartment have been placed to reflect the park so that the residents can always look out and gaze into the apartments inspirational soundings.


3D black lacquered paneling


With the apartments strong array of natural lighting, a level 5 paint skim coat was applied to emanate the highest quality finish and withstand any critical light conditions. The lengthy process resulted in incredibly smooth and professional looking walls.


To give the apartment that extra dimension, we fabricated a selection of walls and doors with 3D black lacquered paneling. The 3D walls help bring the apartment to life with modern and contemporary feel.


Highly polished white lacquer finish


KNG independently tiled the master bathroom. Our vision was to create a polished looking bathroom that fitted within the client’s requirement. The bathroom’s toilet and bidet have been uniquely created, whereby both appliances resemble each other and exhibit a stylish look.


The apartment’s kitchen was one of the most concentrated areas that we had to work on. The kitchen has been remodeled and finished with highly polished white lacquer. The kitchen island, which has been fitted with a stove, shares the white lacquered polished finished, giving off a contemporary and sleek ambiance. The kitchen island has been equipped with wheels in order to act as both a kitchen counter and dining table when needed.


Luxury polished doors


Throughout the apartment, we wanted to create an atmosphere that screams style and elegance. The doors have been highly polished with red lacquer, in which we endeavored to achieve a reflection of paint on the door.

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