200 Central Park South New York Image Gallery

Central Park South Residential Renovation

Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen was uniquely designed with a sleek, minimalist look to maximize the use of space, including smart placement of appliances, concealed built-in refrigerator, etc. The cabinetry and kitchen island were custom fabricated in our own workshop, then finished with a highly polished white lacquer. The kitchen island was also fitted with wheels to allow dual functionality as a countertop or dining table as needed.

Custom Bathroom Remodel

The unique bathroom called for matching custom-made toilet and bidet and floor-to-ceiling mirrors consistent with the apartment’s contemporary aesthetic. KNG performed all the custom tile work and installed all fixtures to the architect’s specifications.

High-Quality Finishes

The finishes throughout the apartment were key to completing the modern look of the space. These included applying ultra-smooth level 5 skim coating and high gloss paint throughout, polished white lacquer in the kitchen, stylish polished red lacquer on the doors and custom 3-D lacquer paneling to add a sense of texture.

Enhanced Views of Central Park and NYC Skyline

One of the greatest features of this apartment were the oversized windows providing a panoramic view of Central Park. To fulfill the client’s desire to maximize this feature, we placed mirrors strategically throughout the apartment to reinforce the natural light and provide the residents with inspirational views in every direction.