200 Central Park South (Two Apartment Combination)

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The apartment renovation features custom millwork, the installation of pre-finished wooden floors and the installation of bathroom tilework.

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200 Central Park South (Two Apartment Combination)


Residential renovation


The beautiful curved walls throughout the apartment were plastered by KNG construction. 100% silk was used for the carpets in the apartment hallways and master bedroom. One of the unique features in the master bedroom is the waved ceiling design, which was installed by KNG construction. The Central Park South apartment’s kitchen was fabricated and installed by KNG.


Custom millwork


The apartment is home to some truly fascinating pieces of art. KNG needed to create custom millwork to hold and display each piece of art. All the art display custom millwork was fabricated and installed by KNG construction. The apartment has a large radiator running from the remodeled living room and into the office. KNG fabricated and installed a custom made radiator cover. The large extendable dining room table and the custom built-in bookcase, where all fabricated and installed by KNG’s experienced millwork team. The custom made doors were installed and fabricated by KNG, including a custom material red door which was upholstered by KNG construction.


Pre-finished wooden floors


The wooden floors in the apartment are pre-finished, giving the residents the benefit of having a durable surface, with the look and touch of natural hardwood. The pre-finished floors have been fumed and stained adding to the personality of the wooden floors. All the pre-finished wooden panels have been installed by KNG construction.



Bathroom tilework


As part of the bathroom remodeling, KNG construction cut and installed the bathroom tilework. The tilework adds to the bathrooms freshness. The bathroom glass counter top was installed by KNG construction.


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