East 64 Street Duplex New York Image Gallery

Residential Remodeling Project

Contemporary Shaker Style Kitchen

The kitchen was designed to convey a bright, airy feel. We fabricated all the wood paneling and cabinetry in our own workshop and hand-painted the panels for a smooth surface with no detectable brush or roller marks. The marble counters were crafted with smooth curved corners. and the beautiful paneled door was finished with satin lacquer to give this shaker kitchen a modern twist.

Living Room

To help fulfill the architect’s vision of a spacious room that conveyed warmth, we fabricated all the custom furnishings in our own workshop, as well as the built-in cabinets, bookcase and TV unit. The cabinet millwork is of rift oak with a cerused  finish to bring out the detail. We also installed the custom crown molding and applied a level 5 skim coating and high-quality paint to the walls and ceiling for an ultra-smooth finish.

Venetian-Style Master Bath

We created a timeless, textured look to the master bath with high-quality plastering. We also installed the marble tile work on the bathroom floor and around the tub, completing the look with silver leafing on the vanity.

Home Office

We achieved the dark, elegant appearance of the office with custom-fabricated millwork and trim work, applying the paint in multiple light coats and allowing it to dry for at least 24 hours before being lightly sanded down and applying the next layer. We continued to repeat the process until we got a rich, smooth finish. The millwork and trim work were among the lengthiest and most lavish features of the entire project. KNG also fabricated all the custom office furnishings in our own woodworking shop, as well as the built-in cabinetry.

Bedroom Remodeling

As with the living room, we fabricated and installed the elegant wood paneling in the master bedroom, hand-painting them to a smooth finish. We also fabricated and upholstered the custom-made master bed, along with the custom nightstand tables. The attached dressing room also includes an elegant custom-built cabinet with antique mirrors installed.