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Bathroom renovation

Teak Wood Paneling

This renovation called for teak wood paneling, which was selected for its warm appearance and its natural water-resistant qualities. The bathroom door consists of teak panels on one side and high gloss white exterior paint on the other. Teak wood was also used to line the floor of the walk-in shower. All the paneling was fabricated in our own workshop and installed by our expert craftsmen.

Thassos Marble Walls

The bathroom walls are made from marble, hand-selected to complement the tile work in the bathroom. A rough cut of the marble was selected for its textural qualities, and while the irregularities of the stone made it challenging to cut and install, the end result was truly beautiful.

Shower, Teacup Bathtub and Counters

The large Italian teacup tub was positioned as the centerpiece of the bathroom, accessible by a platform next to the windows. Adjacent to the tub is a generous-sized walk-in shower lined with marble. The unique vanity countertop was also fabricated in our workshop from recycled glass.