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Commercial renovation

Extensive Custom Millwork

This project called for a significant amount of custom millwork, all of which we fabricated in our own 10,000 square-foot workshop and had installed by our craftsmen. Much of the millwork was fashioned from birdseye maple, a rare yet elegant type of wood. Specific pieces included the following:


  • Office paneling and radiator covers fashioned from birdseye maple
  • A custom-made cross made from birdseye maple
  • Custom cabinetry
  • Custom office furniture, including a large conference table fitted with retractable outlets
  • Custom two-toned black-and-purple office doors with satin finish, installed throughout

Office Glass Partitions

This project called for extensive installation of high-grade movable PK-30 glass partitions throughout the office. These partitions were designed to divide and unify office spaces as needed, requiring structural steel supports when in the closed position.

Custom Gold Leaf Drop Ceilings

We outfitted much of the office space with attractive acoustic drop ceilings to help absorb sound and reduce echo from room to room. We also applied a gold leaf finish to the ceiling in the chapel area, which interlocked with the custom cross.

Custom-made Office Furniture

Custom millwork is one of our primary areas of expertise, and renovating this space provided us with the opportunity to fabricate an extensive range of custom-made furniture. We fabricated the large, custom-built conference table in our own architectural woodworking shop, outfitting it with retractable outlets to be used when power or data is needed. KNG also fabricated all the built-in cabinets found throughout these commercial offices.

Marble Millwork

The centerpiece of the office is a black marble wall designed to enhance the decor of the remodeled office with a traditional aesthetic touch. The luxurious stonework was fabricated and installed by our expert craftsmen.