West 56 Street New York Penthouse Image Gallery

Residential Renovation Project

Contemporary Kitchen Remodel

Designed as a focal centerpiece of the apartment, the kitchen features ebony wood cabinetry and furnishings which we fabricated in our own  10,000-square foot workshop. We applied numerous coats of polyester-based lacquer to the cabinets and polished them to a glossy finish. We also installed the marble countertops and backsplash, and we finished the kitchen with a custom-built bottle shelving installation backed by illuminated crackled glass.

Custom Bathroom Remodel

The spacious master bath was designed to complement the penthouse’s contemporary New York vibe. We installed the marble tiling in this bathroom along with the high-polish wood burl paneling on the vanity.

High-quality Finishes

The entire penthouse was treated with a level-5 skim coat to create an elegant, ultra-smooth finish. We also finished walls in the study textured layers of silk and suede fabric according to the architect’s specifications.

Additional Features

For this penthouse, the design called for custom glass partitions to create a sense of separate spaces without compromising the natural light or open feel of the space. We crafted and installed this partition to separate the living room from the den area.  We also fabricated several custom furniture pieces for the apartment, including an upholstered headboard in the master bedroom, a metal coffee table in the living room, and a custom desk and cabinets with a marble top.