West 67th Street New York Image Gallery

Apartment renovation

Pre-finished Whitewashed Oak Floors

One of this project’s unique features was the installation of pre-finished whitewashed oak floors with radiant heat, which created a sleek, sophisticated look throughout the apartment while adding luxury and comfort.

Plaster Reveal Beads

A plaster reveal beads style was applied throughout the apartment, creating a narrow strip between the wall and the floor panels to create clean lines and a stylish, luxurious finish.

Level 5 Skim Coat Finish

The highest quality drywall was installed throughout the unit with a level 5 skim coat applied, creating a seamless, smooth interior appearance with straight, crisp corners.

Angled Acoustic Drop Ceilings

KNG installed acoustic drop (suspended) ceilings throughout the apartment, which not only absorb sound and reduce echo, but also add visual dimension and drama, especially in the living area. The 3-dimensional look complements the décor of the apartment and presents an airy and modern feel to the residence.

Exterior Refinishing

KNG refinished the exterior of the unit with custom paneling fabricated in our own workshop and installed by our master craftsmen. We applied an attractive whitewash finish to the apartment doors, and as a finishing touch, we oversaw the complete landscaping of the outdoor garden, including the installation of an underground irrigation system.

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows and Patio Doors

One of the most stunning improvements to the apartment was the installation of floor-to-ceiling windows with multiple patio doors across the exterior wall, affording easy access to the 1000-square-foot garden outside. This addition allowed the living space to be flooded with natural light and increased the sense of space by creating a generous indoor-outdoor feel.